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Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Agony of Moving

I'm writing this ahead of when it's posting because of moving and deadlines and what not.

Today, the movers came with my things. I had six guys in MN who loaded the truck, but only three in Atlanta unloading it. They worked fast, though, and now my house is full of boxes.

No lie. There are boxes EVERYWHERE!

But let me back up. So I was told the movers would arrive between 8am and 10am. They give the window because of traffic. In MN, they had a shorter window (8am to 9am), but then things aren't as spread out in Minneapolis and traffic isn't nearly as bad either.

The movers arrived around 9:45ish. They asked me to get my car out of the garage. As I'm backing up, I managed to hook the garage door release cord with my car antenna and pulled the door down. I stopped immediately as the door starting going back down and went forward. The door seemed jammed and it was forced up for the move.

Maybe that was an omen for the day. There was damage. It was like a carnage wreaked upon my furniture. Details in my next blog post.

Oh, the one piece of good news. I didn't break my garage door. It worked normally when I closed it, and opened it again, and closed it once more. Testing it out, you see.