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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The University of Weird

I've had people ask me for updates on my move. I'm still unpacking boxes and I still need to make a claim for all the furniture that got wrecked by the movers. I'll give an update when I feel as if I have more control. Right now, I feel like I'm living in chaos.

Instead, I want to talk about the weird thing that happened today and it concerns my move.

My dad called from MN today--it's the normal day for me to talk to my parents. And in the conversation he says to me that the University of Minnesota called (I've never given them any number except the one for my parents' house because I hate the phone and don't want to get calls). I didn't think much of this. They're always calling either for donations or for me to rejoin the alumni association.

Then my dad said they'd called to tell me they were sending me a letter at my new address in Georgia. They wanted to make sure it was correct.

I immediately went, WTH? I never gave them my address. I haven't even finished doing my change of address for important things yet. My dad anticipated my response--probably because he had the same one--and asked how they got it.

Apparently, my university has a special program they use to "keep up with their graduates."


WTF? Is the University of Minnesota taking a page from the NSA? Not only is it weird, but it feels kind of stalker-ish. I'm not feeling all warm and fuzzy about my Alma Mater right now.