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Thursday, September 05, 2013

January Release

I mentioned that I sold two more stories to Harlequin's Nocturne Cravings line. These are novella length erotic romance stories. Well, I have a release date for the first one--January 2014.

No one has asked me to come up with a new title yet, so I'm assuming that it will be released as Phoenix Burning. This story has a hero who is a vampire enforcer for the Los Angeles clan lord and a heroine who's experiencing a lot of change in her life. And yes, I'm being deliberately vague until I see what the cover copy looks like.

I spent Tuesday night doing the Art Fact Sheet for Phoenix. It was actually kind of difficult since I work from pictures when I write and the form is filled with drop downs for hair color, hair style, hair length, etc.

There were also questions about the theme of the story, the theme for the characters inside the story, and other things that I hadn't really thought about. I think that was a good exercise--to think about those things--and I might try thinking about this earlier.

Some of the pull downs were very difficult, though, because they're geared for all of Harlequin, not only Nocturnes and so questions like the hero's age tripped me up. He's like 600 years old, but since they were asking for the cover, I went with what his age appears to be. Also, vampire enforcer wasn't an option on the drop down list.

Now I wait. I'm always excited to see the covers and you know I'll share here as soon as I can.