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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ravyn's Flight Now Available for Kindle

The wait is over! (Read that in that in the WWE announcer voice because that's how I'm hearing it. :-) We've all heard that guy advertising pay-per-view wrestling events, right?)

Finally, at long last, Ravyn's Flight and Eternal Nights are available in the Kindle store!

I'd hoped to have the books live at both Amazon and on the same day, but Kindle didn't like my file extension. If I would have received a message that said, hey, dummy, we don't take this format any longer I would have fixed it right away. Instead, all I got was a pair of emails telling me the books were live. They clearly were not. But it's all straightened out now.

So if you like to read in the Kindle format, you can now pick up my Jarved Nine books at Amazon now.

Ravyn's Flight

Eternal Nights