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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Adding Touches To My Home

In my Minnesota house, I didn't have a lot of wall space to hang pictures, but my new home in Georgia have space I need to fill. This is something I'm going to do a few pieces at a time because of the cost.

My first two paintings arrived last week. (Should I call them prints since they're not originals?) One of them isn't up yet and won't be until I get the handyman out to do it. I want it perfectly centered in the area over the fireplace (it's a square made by molding) and I don't think I can manage that. :-) Besides, the picture is 32 inches square and that's difficult to handle.

But the second piece of art was going in a place where I was able to hang it myself and that's what I did on Saturday.

The picture is level, it's the camera that's a bit angled. Also, my green walls don't photograph well, but in person are a rich, vibrant olive green. If they really were the shade in the photo, I would have had my kitchen painted. :-) I put it up between a door to the patio and a window in the eat-in part of my kitchen.

Apologies for the sun glare on the glass. The print is an abstract done by Alma Lee, an artist from Wisconsin. (FYI, I bought the print. I'm not getting compensated even indirectly.)

The other print, the one for over the fireplace, is also abstract with lots of bright colors. It's done by a different artist, and I'll share once I finally get that put up.