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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Totally Not Julia Child

I hate cooking. Seriously hate it and the microwave is my friend, but I believe that even I've reached new heights. Or would that be lows?

On Friday, I decided to make a frozen pizza. Because of space limitations, I have some skillets stashed in my oven and I needed to move them. I reach in, grab the handles, and feel something tickling my arm. I thought it was just a loose hair that had fallen, but as I put down the pans, I see spider webs between the three handles.

That's right, it's been so long since I used my oven that a spider put webs between the handles of my skillets. I promptly put the three pans in the dishwasher.

Which kind of segues into my next story. Last year, my parents came down to Georgia for Thanksgiving and we discovered I was seriously lacking pretty much everything I needed to cook a turkey and trimmings and serve them. I tried to order things like a roasting pan and a platter, but even with one day shipping, it wouldn't arrive in time for T-Day 2012.

I cancelled my order and we picked up stop gap things like a tinfoil roaster and skipped the platter all together.

This year, my folks are coming down for Thanksgiving again and this time I got smarter. I'm starting to order things like roasting pans and platters now. In a couple of weeks, I'll order the second half of what I need like a covered casserole dish, serving bowls, and a meat thermometer.

It's kind of a shame to buy these things I'll only use on rare occasions, especially since space is an issue, but it was tough serving T-Day last year without them. This year should go much more smoothly.