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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Little Vicarious Living

One of the fun things about writing is that if I see something cool, something that's out of my price range for instance, I can let my characters use it or have it.

Recently, my h/h needed to go to a hotel to hide out. I could have sent them to any chain motel, but instead I checked them into the most expensive suite in a five-star luxury hotel in Bel Air. I found pictures and had them checking out various parts of the room. Most of that will be cut from the story, but while I was writing it, it allowed me to stroll around the room.

I also tend to give my heroes or heroines expensive vehicles. Not because I'm into status cars. As long as my vehicle gets me reliably from point A to point B I'm happy. But it's kind of fun to imagine driving something like that.

And clothes. I love those little booties, but I can't wear them because they always make my feet look like aircraft carriers. I haven't had a heroine yet that's gone to a red-carpet event that calls for designer evening gowns, but if someday I do get a heroine like this, I have a bazillion dresses pinned on Pinterest that she can choose from.

Of course, the bottom line is always my characters. If they won't drive it, wear it, or think of going to a hotel that expensive, I don't write it no matter how much I want to. A writer should always be true to her characters.