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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sometimes You Have to Ignore Advice

Today, I saw someone who recommended that authors create a page on Facebook for each of their books. No! I might have yelled this at the computer. The man making the recommendation said that this way the cover for the book will show up on people's pages when they like it.

In theory, this is good. In practice? Not so cool for those of us receiving dozens of Like My Page requests every week (sometimes every day). Seriously, it's obnoxious enough to get Like My Author Page requests constantly, but now one for each book? Way to totally aggravate your friends, followers, whomever interacts with you on Facebook.

Just No. Don't do this unless you plan on simply creating the book page and leaving them out there without spamming your followers with a Like Request. If you plan on letting readers find the page on their own, you're golden.

If you think you're someone who will see a low Like number and be tempted to start spamming people, don't create a book page.

Sometimes it's best to ignore the experts.