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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Never Ending Move

I spent a little time over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day going through some more moving boxes. Yeah, I know, not exciting, but without my mom here to force me to do it, they would have sat for a lot longer and this did need to be done. Even if it wasn't the slightest bit of fun.

Right now, my living room and kitchen are now box free! Yea!

Of course, a lot of the stuff got dumped in other rooms. Definitely not yea for this. They are the rooms these things should be in--mostly--but now I have to make time to go into those rooms and organize everything. Sigh. More un-fun to come.

I was talking to my Mom on Christmas and I said this house could use a couple more closets and then it would be perfect. Right now, there's just slightly less storage room than what I could use. The linen closet in the hallway is bursting, I've filled the linen closet in my bedroom, and the bedroom closets are practically bursting with boxes. Garage storage is out because of bugs and how I feel about those things. I miss having a basement, although then I'd be worrying about scorpions and bugs there all the time, so I guess it's okay.

More things are missing than I realized, although I have to believe most of it is in a box in a room that I haven't gone through yet. Or at my parents' house in Minnesota because it wouldn't fit in the car. Moving might be the least amount of fun a human being can have.