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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adventures With Spiders

I don't like anything creepy-crawly, but among my least favorite of these is spiders. I especially don't like the spiders in Georgia because these are some huge suckers. Much bigger than what I had in Minnesota.

So Sunday night--late since I didn't have to work on Monday--I'm getting ready for bed when I realize that I forgot to turn out the light in the great room. As I go to do that, I notice there's a big, dark spider where the ceiling meets the wall right near my door. It's 2 a.m., the last thing I want to do is deal with this.

He's a little high to get with the bug poison I have, but I knew my spray bottle of rubbing alcohol would reach. Except I couldn't find that. I had to use the bug poison after all.

I sprayed and sprayed. I don't think very much got on him, but it annoyed him enough that he started to climb. My bedroom has a lofted ceiling, so he was able to climb quite high, well beyond the reach of my spray. I had two choices--kill him or try to sleep with a huge spider loose in my bedroom.

You know what option I picked.

I searched until I found my spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. I returned to my bedroom and located him. He was near my television and hamper.

I like to think that had it been earlier in the evening that I would have been smart enough to move the hamper before taking aim, however, at 2 a.m. the brain isn't functioning at top condition. I moved nothing. Instead, I take aim and fire.

He falls, hits the top of the hamper, and SCURRIES UNDER THE LID! OMG! The spider is in my hamper!

After a brief moment of study, I decide there's no way I'm touching the freaking lid to open it. I need something long enough and sturdy enough to do the job for me. I find a yard stick. I also find a small broom right near it. I grab that, too. In my head, I'm thinking open the hamper, sweep him to the floor, spray him.

I return to my bedroom, use the yard stick to (barely) get the hamper lid up. He's still clinging to the underside of the lid!

My plan to sweep him to the floor is forgotten. I spray him where he lurks. Bad decision. He falls into the hamper with some clothes. ::whimper:: Fortunately, I'd just washed clothes that afternoon so there weren't many in there, but enough for him to hide from me.

I spray the rubbing alcohol and use the yard stick to move the clothes, trying to find him. I can't see him. He's in my hamper, successfully hiding in my clothes. ::shudder::

It's 2:10 in the morning. He has to be injured and dying after all this, but just in case, I pick up the hamper and move it to the room farthest away from mine. Just in case he climbs out, I don't want him in there with me. Ugh!

My hamper is still in the other bedroom.