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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guten Tag

Right before Christmas, I received an email offering a huge discount on computer language programs. This is the same company I bought the Spanish program from and I was impressed with their program, but I'd done the one thing I was afraid I'd do. I stopped doing my Spanish lessons.

But oh, look, German 1-5 is available for way cheaper than I've ever seen it and I want to relearn the German I learned in school.

No, I told myself. Look what happened with Spanish. You really wanted to learn Spanish, too, and you got squeezed for time and never picked it up again. You sure as heck aren't spending all that money on another language until you learn the first one.

Um, yes, I talk to myself. Anyway, I strongly resisted the desire to buy the German language program. Besides, if I really wanted to relearn German, there are podcasts and I still have my old textbooks. (At least I think I do. I did purge a lot of books before moving to Atlanta.)

Days go by, maybe even a full week and I'd think of that offer on and off, but I would repeat the reasons why I couldn't buy it.

And then the company sent out a reminder email and that the offer was only good through Dec 23rd. The added enticement of free overnight shipping was tossed in. You know what happened next.

Guten tag. Ich bin Patti und Sie? Wie geht es Ihnen?