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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Missing: Important Writing Notes

I make notes all the time because characters will share important information when they feel like it, not necessarily when I'm working on their story. This particular Work In Progress (WIP) has been in progress for a while now, but I've stopped it a few times for other stories and for house hunting and moving.

But I have notes. Lots and lots of notes to help me. Sort of. I have lots of notes and I've found most of them, but I can't find the ones I really need. The ones with the information about my hero's family.

Since his father plays a large role in the plot and possibly his older brother, too, I'd really like to refresh my memory. And I don't know where these particular sheets of paper are hiding.

I've checked the usual locations. I carry steno pads with me all the time and I went through those. Most of the notes for the story were there, but not the ones about the hero's family. I cleaned out my tote bag, the one I haul back and forth to work. I found many notes, including notes for Phoenix Burning, which came out this month and I even found notes for Demon Kissed, which released May 2010.

No notes about the WIP or the hero's family.

Now the notes could be anywhere. I moved in the middle of all this. They could be buried in a box somewhere. Gah! My office is in the worst shape (by far) of any of the rooms in my house. I wish I could recreate what I wrote down, but it's been too long.

The search continues. Whether I like it or not.