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Thursday, January 02, 2014


PHOENIX BURNING, my erotic paranormal romance, is now available wherever you purchase ebooks!

Phoenix Cahill is experiencing the Awakening, transforming from an asexual tantric vampire nestling to an adult who feeds on the orgasmic energy of her partners. Though any man will do, the only one she craves is her mysterious new neighbor. But feeding from the same man too many times could kill him, and Phoenix won't be satisfied by just one night.

Getting close to Phoenix was supposed to be only part of vampire enforcer Ivar LeBlanc's mission to find her father and bring him to justice. But the plan becomes complicated when he rescues Phoenix from an attack—and gives in to his own desire for her. Now he must choose between the woman he loves and the clan lord to whom he owes his life.
You can buy PHOENIX BURNING at:

and almost anywhere else that sells ebooks 

There isn't a excerpt on my website yet because I couldn't find something where the h/h weren't having sex or thinking about having sex. I'm trying to figure out what I want to put up and how to post it. I'll figure it out eventually, but here's a small bit that isn't too X-rated.

Phoenix grabbed her keys from the table as she got to her feet. She was halfway to her door before she stopped and checked what she was wearing—a pair of loose yoga pants that rode low on her hips and a black tank that left her midriff bare. Good enough.
She took the stairs two at a time, and as soon as she reached the bottom, headed left into the vestibule where the bank of metal mailboxes was built into the wall. She stopped short as soon as she saw him, but it wasn't quickly enough. Less than a foot separated her from the guy and Phoenix had no desire to move.
His back was to her, his head bent as he sorted through his mail, but he didn't need to turn for her to identify him. There was only one man in this apartment complex whose mere presence left her buzzing with desire. Her next-door neighbor.
She took the opportunity to gawk at him while he was oblivious to her presence. His brown hair was cut short, leaving his nape exposed and Phoenix curled her fingers to stop herself from tracing that bare skin. His navy T-shirt was pulled taut across his broad shoulders and his jeans were faded enough to mold his gorgeous ass. The urge to caress him had her taking a step closer before she stopped herself. It had been drilled into her head not to touch without an invitation and telling herself he wouldn't mind wasn't the same thing as consent.
Without warning, he straightened, and before she could move aside, he pivoted and walked into her. Phoenix staggered, not only from the impact, but also from the feel of his hard muscled body pressing against hers. The mail hit the floor and his arms went around her, helping her keep her physical balance, but knocking her control askew. Her nipples peaked and she shimmied, rubbing her breasts against his chest.
His grip tightened, stilling her. There was heat in his eyes, but there was reserve as well, and though he appeared reluctant, he put her away from him and stepped back. "Sorry about that," he said. "I didn't hear you come up behind me."
Phoenix had to clear her throat in order to speak. "Not a problem," she assured him. She thought about apologizing herself, but didn't. What would she say? Sorry, I was so busy trying not to run my hand over your ass that I didn't realize you were done looking at your mail?