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Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Want the Power

I'm writing this blog farther in advance than I usually do because Atlanta is under an Ice Storm Warning and I might not have power later. They way they're talking on the news, I might not have power for days. Gah!

This is so not cool. I can put up with being iced in a for a few days, but it's the loss of electricity that strikes fear in my heart. You see, I've been through an extended electrical outage once before and I quickly discovered that it's a good thing I was born when I was because I would have made a terrible pioneer.

It was a May thunderstorm in Minnesota that took the power down for five days. Losing power in winter when it's cold is a whole new kind of hell. No electricity means no heat.

No electricity means no coffee. It means no television. No computer or internet! It means only reading until the sunlight dims, and with a storm, it will be largely dim. And music only lasts until the iPod battery dies. It makes for a long stretch of nothing to do.

Maybe I'll get lucky and my suburb won't get as much ice as they're predicting. I've got my fingers crossed.