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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

That's Luke

The characters demanding my attention right now are not from the story I'm supposed to be writing. Not only are they from another world entirely, but if I did write them, there are around seven other books I'd need to write first. I have them planned out and it would be correct chronologically. None of that seems to matter.

To try to get them to stop bugging me, I started writing one of the scenes they've shown me. I didn't get far before I started looking for pictures of them.

Usually, I need to write two to three chapters before I look for pictures, but I know this couple well already, so I guess that's why it was different. Looking for character images is not normally a lot of fun and it wasn't this time either. I still haven't found the right image for either of them.

I know Cam doesn't have long hair, but I stopped at a picture of a guy with shoulder-length brown hair anyway. If the face is right, I can sometimes manage to find a picture of the model with short hair.

Before I can even get a really good read on his face, though, Cam says, "That doesn't look like me. He looks like Luke."

I'm like Luke? Who the hell is Luke?

My brother, he tells me. Okay. I knew Cam had two younger brothers, but I had never gotten their names. Now I have them name of one more. Luke Brody. I'm guessing this means he has a story, too. :-/