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Thursday, March 06, 2014

A Tale of Two Companies

Or a journey through customer service.

I do some Subscribe and Save items on Amazon and I had a shipment due recently. It was supposed to be here last Friday, but there was a shipping delay. Still, no big deal, it would arrive on Monday. Only on Monday instead of two boxes outside my door, there was only one.

I checked around the front of the house, went online and read what Amazon had to say about it. They suggested 1. waiting an extra day because sometimes a shipper will say delivered a bit prematurely and 2. contact the shipper.

Since I've never had a premature delivery notice, I sent a tweet to UPS. The person who responded was friendly and gave me an email address where I needed to send the information. So I did that and waited.

The response came on Tuesday. It was terse. The gist of it was: if there were two boxes, they'd each have their own tracking number. You only have one tracking number, you'll have to contact Amazon. Okay, then. Fine.

I did the Contact Us form on the bottom of my account page. I had a response from Amazon within an hour even though they give themselves 12 hours to respond. The Customer Service specialist had replacement items on the way already, and she was sorry, but one item was out of stock. Would I like a refund?

Wow. How awesome is that? I rarely, as in almost never, have a problem with Amazon, and when I did, they immediately took care of me, their customer. This was a far different feeling than I had at the end of the UPS exchange.

At the end of this, I'm left with a real meh feeling about UPS, but I'm like, Amazon rocks! Might be a lesson for other companies and their customer service employees.