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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bookstore Spree

Late Sunday night, while I was watching the Oscars and thinking about heading to bed, someone tweeting a promo code to Kobo. It was unlimited use and 90% off! OMG!

I immediately hightailed it over to their site. I've had a list of books that's I've wanted to buy forever, but they were all pretty pricey, especially for ebooks. My wish list was reduced substantially as I bought up a storm. Writing books, reference books, romance books, books that simply plain interested me. I bought them all.

I thought I was done, but then yesterday during my lunch hour I saw on Twitter that the coupon code was still good and I picked up a couple more books. With 90% off, it would have been foolish not to!

Of course, not all the books I wanted were included in the sale. The big 5 didn't participate as well as some other publishers like the company that does the For Dummies series. Ah, well, I did enough damage without them.

Grand total? I bought 30 books, but since most of them were a little over a dollar, I think I came out ahead big time.

Alas, I think the coupon code died between lunch time on Monday and when I got home that night or I'd share it here and tell you all to buy my books. The code didn't work on anything I tried to buy yesterday in the evening. Yep, I was still looking to add to the To Be Read pile. Can you blame me? Sales like that don't come often.