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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flight 370: A Kind of Rant

As I'm writing this on Sunday evening, the plane is still missing. Searchers are checking the south Indian Ocean where satellites have found possible debris.

I've tried not to weigh in on what happened to Malaysia flight 370 because at this point no one knows anything other than the plane is missing. However, after listening to CNN and their experts cover this topic, I finally couldn't take it any longer.

I don't mind CNN's wall to wall coverage of the missing plane, although there are certainly other news items that are more critical such as the situation in the Ukraine. What is irritating me is some of the ridiculous theories that keep getting covered over and over. I know it's because they have next to nothing to talk about, but it's still annoying.

That shadow plane theory for example. This is the theory that the plane flew close enough to another jumbo jet to evade every country's radar as it traveled northward. All the pilots CNN have had on have said it's extremely difficult, and while it is possible, it's highly unlikely. The pilots have all pointed out that this is a wide-body jet and not a fighter plane. That hasn't stopped the anchors for an instant.

I'm also annoyed by this constant harping that the pilots must have had nefarious motives. We don't know this! So far there hasn't been a shred of evidence that this is the case, but that hasn't stopped anyone from smearing the reputations of these men.

Maybe they are guilty, but if the hardest piece of evidence they have is that the cockpit door is difficult to breach, it's not enough. Difficult is not impossible.

The other thing making me crazy is the expensive "fixes" some of the experts and the CNN anchors have proposed to make sure "this doesn't happen again." Right. So we're going to spend millions of dollars to fix something that a) hardly ever happens and b) we don't know what--exactly--should be changed.

I don't know anything either about what happened to the plane, but I believe that it crashed. I also believe that something catastrophic occurred on board that plane.

To draw a parallel, Air France flight 447 had something small happen--the pitot tubes had ice crystals build up and give them incorrect speed indications. The pilots on board that A330 made a series of errors that ended up bringing the plane down. My guess is something similar happened with flight 370.

Notice I said "guess." Notice that I didn't spend 2 weeks talking about this. Are you listening CNN?