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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pre Book

Before I actually write, I have this time I call Pre-Book. It's where I learn about my characters and parts of their story. This case, though, is actually a little different. I worked on a proposal with these characters about three years ago. My agent wanted some revisions (she was totally right), but before I got very far, I had another deadline and then I had an 18 month move to Georgia. (Long story.)

This time, though, I have to relearn my hero and heroine and get back in their heads. It's also become a four book series, so I need to learn enough about the other heroes and heroines to do a very brief overview. At first this was frustrating because I had nothing, then a chat with a writer buddy about 9 days ago shook stuff loose. It's suddenly become exciting and fun to think about this project!

It's weird. I've had my h/h from book one for a long while, but no one else was stepping up. Surprisingly, it was the couple from book 4 (the last book in the arc) that showed up next. I normally get things more sequentially than that, but I'll take whatever I can get. I have a general story for them, too.

Now, the h/h from book 3 are beginning to peek in. No names or much story yet, but once I have them down, surely the couple from book 2 will come next. I hope.

I love this time of a project. It's exciting and fun and the possibilities are endless.