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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Drum Making

To say I have an eclectic range of interests would be understating things. Sometimes even I'm surprised by what I get involved with--container shipping, anyone?

One of the things I did that I can't quite believe was that I signed up for a drum making workshop a number of years back.

I did have some attraction to the workshop otherwise I wouldn't have paid to do it, but I didn't think I would become entranced by the process. I did. The hours of the class flew by. I worked with the frame, I put the deer hide around it and fastened it in place with strips.

And it was fun! Oh, so much fun. I'm not a person who does crafts. I don't have the patience for it and the results are never quite good enough, but this drum turned out perfectly!

A friend of mine went to the workshop with me and she said I was intent on my drum. And I was. I would have loved to have taken the workshop over and over and over yet again. But I didn't; I only went once because what am I going to do with lots and lots of drums? Also, I had no desire to get into the business of selling drums, so it didn't make sense to go again.

I've decided my ability to get interested in unusual things is good. As a writer, I have characters and books that require me to research a wide variety of topics. Not all of them are scintillating, but if I can be held rapt by container ships, I know I can make it through almost any topic.