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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Games of Desire Blurb

I tried to write my own cover blurb for Games of Desire, but they're hard for me to write. Luckily, I have fabulous people at Harlequin who wrote the cover copy for me. I got to see it this week and it does a good job of describing the story. (This, BTW, is the sixth story (novella) set in my Blood Feud World.)

The union between a wizard and a demon is impossible. It's also undeniable. 

Chloe has always been there to clean up after her little sister—a wizard who doesn't use her powers responsibly. But when she must search for her wayward sister after another prank gone terribly awry, Chloe finds a demon instead—a demon with taut muscles, irresistible dimples and eyes burning with desire. Ever the good girl, Chloe tries to ignore him, but the mere sight of this demon undoes her.

Marax is searching for Chloe's sister, too. Just like Chloe, he's driven by duty. And, just like Chloe, he can't resist the fiery attraction that burns between them.

When Chloe and Marax give in to one night of passion, they find themselves bound in ways they never could have imagined—and battling a demon more powerful than anything they imagined….
Now all I need is a cover. :-) I'll share that as soon as I can--I'm still waiting to see it myself.