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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Too Much TV

While I was up in Minnesota, I watched a lot more television than I usually do--between dentist appointments. I have a few observations.

First of all, daytime TV right now makes soap operas look awesomely appealing and I gave up soaps years ago. I never thought there would be so much idiocy on daytime television, but considering how stupid nighttime shows are, I guess I should have known.

Second, I really miss MLB Network when I visit my parents. They just have basic cable, which means I lose my baseball lifeline.

Third, HGTV. I have some subpoints here.

3a. Dear HGTV, showing a kitchen makeover show is evil. EVIL! Now I want to redo my kitchen and there's nothing wrong with it. My house was just built in 2008.

3b. There are some really shallow/ridiculous people in the world. I watched House Hunters and this Los Angeles couple was house hunting. The girl, and even though she's old enough to be married, her maturity level was more girl than woman. She wanted to live in Manhattan Beach. Period. 

The couple had a million dollars to spend (what does HE do for a living to have that much money at his age???) and saw a gorgeous house just outside of Manhattan Beach that was move-in ready, it was even decorated the way she wanted, but she didn't like it because it wasn't right inside her city of choice.

The next house they saw was in Manhattan Beach. It was much more expensive than the first house and it was a fixer upper! It needed a ton of work. Of course, this girl loved it solely because of its location.

Guess which house they picked? Yep, the million dollar fixer upper because (the husband said) he wants a "happy wife." I'm thinking wow, really? Even the girl's mother said she was spoiled on the show. ::shaking my head::

She wasn't the only one who made me think WTF, but she was the worst.

3c. I got hooked on house flipping shows on HGTV while I was in MN, too. I'm not sure how this happened. It makes flipping look easy, but I know it's not. I managed to discard that thought pretty easily, but I can't help thinking about home improvement now.