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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vacation Fun?

I spent the last two weeks up in Minnesota, and since my parents don't have internet, that meant being out of touch online. My vacation wasn't quite as fun as I might have hoped. My first day back, I went to see my dentist because I don't have on in Atlanta yet.

I mentioned that I'd been having a little discomfort and the X-rays showed a cavity. An old filling had parted from the tooth far enough to let bacteria in. Because I already had a lot of filling, this mean I needed a crown. Okay. well, that isn't much fun, but it could be worse. I've had a crown before and it wasn't the worst thing ever.

And, my dentist said, this decay looks awfully close to the nerve in the tooth. If it penetrated we might need to do something else.

Silly me, I didn't understand what "something else" was. I found out.

Yes, after she got the old filling out and got rid of the decay, the nerve was affected. She couldn't finish the crown until I had a...Root Canal! ::gasp:: ::sob::

It wasn't as painful as I'd heard, but the endodondist (I think I spelled that right) said that it was a ticking time bomb. I guess then that it's a good thing that I got it taken care of while I was home. I have a dentist there that I trust and she referred me to the root canal specialist.

While the experience wasn't all that painful, it did mean that I had five different dental-related appointments and that meant I didn't get much of anything else accomplished while I was home. And having fun? No. :-/