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Thursday, May 08, 2014


Sometimes I don't know what people are thinking. Specifically how men approach a woman they don't know. I had two experiences that just had me shaking my head.

The first one was the most alarming. Shortly after I moved to Atlanta, I had someone follow me to the condo I was living in at the time. I had a complete lack of situational awareness because I didn't realize a car was following me. In my defense, I'd picked my parents up at the airport and I was talking to them.

So I pull into the garage and this guy pulls into the drive behind me, blocking my car in the garage. The only reason I didn't get right on my phone and call 911 was because I wasn't alone, but thinking back, it wasn't as if my dad and mom were going to be able to do anything, not at their ages.

The guy followed me because he saw my Minnesota license plates. He was originally from some small town in MN and didn't think there was anything wrong with following a woman home.

My second experience happened in Minnesota last month while I was home visiting my parents. My folks don't have internet, so I went to the hotspot near my house to check in. While I'm sitting there, some guy knocks on my window.

Why? He'd seen my Georgia license plates. He had a relative who lived in GA and he wanted to know where in GA I was from.

The only reason I didn't race screaming out of the parking lot was because it was a busy lot and there were a lot of people around. Still, after he went into the store to take care of his business, I left. There was nothing on the internet that was worth hanging around for.

I don't know if Minnesota men are unnaturally friendly or what the deal is, but these two experiences were creepy. And following someone home? Now that's going into crazy creeper territory.