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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hardcover versus eBook

One of my little quirks is that while I like reading my fiction on my iPad, I prefer reading nonfiction in paper. I'm not sure why this is, but every time I've bought a reference book for a project in electronic format, I've always wished I had the paper copy instead.

So there's this expensive book I'd been keeping an eye on for a while. It was over $35 in hardcover and the ebook version was $25. Right before Christmas I had a coupon that could only be used on paper books and I jumped on it, ordering this book which I'm sure will be great as a background reference for my current project.

Only when the thing arrived I'm like ugh! It was a hugely thick book. Hugely. Thick. I knew almost immediately that I would never read this thing in hardcover because it would hurt my arms/hands to hold it. I needed it electronically.

But paying $25 for an ebook? No matter how thick it is, that price point hurts and it's for a book I already own in paper. It wasn't an option to get the special Amazon deal or I would have been all over that.

Finally, I bit the bullet and paid the $25. I just hope that the reference turns out to be extremely helpful after I paid that much.