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Thursday, June 05, 2014

A Tale of Woe

I remember seeing this rerun of an episode of Married With Children. Al traveled a long distance to buy a bunch of bras for his wife, Peg, because her favorite bra had been discontinued and this store was the only place that still had some in stock. Peg was overjoyed with what Al did.

Is there any woman out there who can't relate to this?

I sure can. You see, I found the most perfect bra for me ever. It was expensive, but it was worth it for this level of perfection. And then I went to buy a new one and it had been DISCONTINUED. Because I'd bought a couple, it took me a while to need to reorder and by then, there was none left anywhere (and believe me I Googled like a mad woman).

This was devastating. OMG! Couldn't the place I bought the bras from email me and warn me it was being discontinued? I would have bought like 10 of them. It would have been worth it. But I didn't have this opportunity.

For the past three years, I've tried different bras. Many different bras. Some of them seemed awesome until I actually wore them for a full day. But finally, at long last, I have found a replacement bra for my favorite. I don't love it yet, not the way I loved my dearly departed old one, but I think I will after I wear it  a while longer. I'm just relieved that my relentless search is at an end.

But dear bra manufacturers, please do not discontinue styles. Ever. Women are funny about this particular garment and once we find our favorite, that last thing we want to do is lose it. Releasing a bra style is like a sacred promise that you will always sell that bra.