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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adventures With Insects

I've had trouble with these black insects on my front porch. They looked like wasps to me, but I've been told they're black daubers, which is a member of the wasp family from what I read online. I've had the pest company out once to spray and they were out on Tuesday, too, but I'm not sure whether or not they sprayed again. I sure hope so because...well, let me tell you what happened.

On Saturday, the neighbor kid mowed my lawn and I went outside to pay him. No big deal. I don't leave the door open because I know better and I hate bugs, so it was closed unless I was actually exiting or entering. Apparently, that was a enough.

Sunday morning I wake up groggy. I head for the kitchen to turn on the coffeemaker. Must have coffee. And as I turn from the coffee to open the blinds, I see a bug on the floor under the table. A big one.

It looked like a roach in my blurry-eyed state and I'm like,  oh, God, no! I pull the chair out from the table and grab the broom. I whack the intruder.

That turned his body enough for me to decide it was one of those flying dauber things. And he's still moving. Crap! I use the broom on him again. And again. And yet again.

Still moving. I grab the bug spray and let him have it. He continues to crawl.

I grab the broom again and bring it down on him a few more times. Finally, he stopped moving. It took a good six or seven whacks to stop the Terminator of the insect world. Gah!

Since then, I haven't dared open my front door. I've walked through the garage to get my packages. Better that than having to go through another morning like Sunday.