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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Champagne Taste

In my bedroom, the only overhead light I have is the one in the ceiling fan and it's pretty dim. And the fan is kind of ugly with the brown metal thing from the ceiling down to the fan. It's like the builder standard model.

I'll also confess that I don't like ceiling fans in the bedroom. I know I live in Georgia and I know even people in Minnesota have these things and run them in the summer. It's just that I have this thing about air blowing on me. I don't like it right on my head and the ceiling fans always seem to be centered right over where I sleep. Plus, and this is big, the thing vibrates so hard when it's on, that I fear for my life. ;-)

Okay, well, maybe night quite that bad, but it does shake enough that I worry it will come down, and since I don't like it anyway....

So I started looking at lights online. I thought chandelier since I've seen other master bedrooms with them. And every single chandelier that made me stop and go ooh was over $1000. Some of them were over $3000 and one was almost $5000!!!

Who pays $5000 for ONE light???

After going through pages and pages and not liking any light that wasn't knocking on a grand, I decided that perhaps a pendant light would be a better way to go. I switched my focus and discovered that all the large pendant lights that made me go ooh were also over $1000. Seriously!

Call me cheap or frugal or whatever, but I didn't pay that much for my dining room light, and if I was going to bust the bank on one light, it would be the one everyone saw the instant they walked into my house.

I've decided to put my idea about changing the light on hold for right now. I'll just have to live with the dim, somewhat-scary ceiling fan for a while.