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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Microsoft Must Want Me To Be Late To Work

Microsoft Windows has this little thing it does which makes me nuts. It takes forever to download and install patches. Forever!

I have my Windows 7 laptop setup to auto download and install mostly because I got so sick of the nagging about how my system would be safer if I changed my settings. This caused one instance where an update bricked my computer--as in it would not boot up until I uninstalled the patch causing the problem. This is annoying, but it doesn't make me nuts.

What does? Microsoft's insistence on installing the updates early on a weekday morning. As in I'm logging off my laptop to go to my day job and I get a message not to power off my computer because Microsoft is installing 1 of 19 updates. Or 1 of 13, 1 of 21, 1 of 11. You know.

Do they not understand that I'm pressing hard against the clock and that their early morning updates could make me miss my van pool? Why don't they push the updates in the afternoon when it doesn't matter how long it takes updates to install?

But no.

I've had installations take so long that I've had to leave the computer on to leave for work and I hate doing that. I want everything powered down before I walk out the door.

Why do they not understand the concept that people are using the computer before work and that they can't wait 45 minutes for patches to install? Why do they make patches that take so long to install? My Apple computer manages to install updates in a fraction of the time, so clearly it can be done.

So Microsoft, get this figured out or at least give me the option of having no installations done first thing in the morning.