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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Maybe Not Too Picky

After blogging about The Power of Two on Tuesday and that I'm still finding formatting mistakes after going through it many, many times, I began to wonder if I was being to picky. Then Tuesday night I started reading an ebook of an old favorite from the 90s. The book had clearly been scanned in the way mine has been.

No, I decided as obvious error after obvious error jerked me out of the story, I'm not being too picky.

It was so annoying and I know most of the errors are attributable to OCR scanning. I've spotted some of the same errors in my scans and cleaned them up. This author must have done some work, but not enough. What kinds of things did I see?

*Instead of a closing quote mark ", there was a parenthesis )
*Dialogue from two different characters that should have been in two different paragraphs mashed together into one paragraph.
*Weird breaks in the middle of paragraphs.
*There was one place with two capital letters MI that I never did figure out what it was supposed to be instead of that. And believe me, I wasted some time trying to come up with an answer.
*And many more errors.

All of which jerked me out of the story. So again, I apologize for the time it's taking to get TPOT ready for ebook release, but there's no way I'm putting my work out there with mistakes like this. Yes, I'll miss some, but I want them to be few and far between. I want you to be able to enjoy Cai and Jake's story, not be cursing errors.