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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Power of Two Update

I've been getting a lot of emails lately asking when The Power of Two will be released in ebook format, so I thought I'd do a quick update here for others who might want to know, but haven't taken the time to contact me.

The short answer is soon. It's in work.

The longer answer is that I meant to have it out already and I'm sorry that it's taking so long. Part of the reason is how busy I am. My day job was relocated from Minneapolis to Atlanta, and while I technically have the same position, the job duties have expanded hugely. I'm usually more tired now because my brain gets a work out and I get home two hours later than I did in Minnesota.

The other issue I'm running into with TPOT is that so much of the text is italicized. I had the book scanned in and the words were sorted out by an OCR program. The accuracy rate for italicized text is much lower than regular typeface, and every time I think I'm on my final read through, I find more errors. As a perfectionist, I want the book as error free as possible, but it's a time consuming process to fix them because I'm working in the coded document. This means there is formatting language and symbols everywhere and I've fixed one issue only to introduce a new problem.

Anyway, I'm pushing for soon-ish on this book, maybe within a couple of months. I'm trying to schedule time to work on it between my day job and writing new words. The cover is done, though.

So please bear with me as I struggle to squeeze error searching into my day. Again, I apologize for the time it's taking. I'm moving it up the priority list as we speak. :-) And thank you for wanting this book enough to contact me about it! That is very much appreciated.