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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Auto Flush

I've blogged before about these crazy auto flush toilets we have at work. Why the reprise? Because it got even crazier.

They're renovating our restrooms at work. They need it, believe me. The building I work in went up in the 1960s, and aside from some minor updating (like the self-flushing toilets), it doesn't look as if any work has been done on them.

The restroom closest to my desk is currently closed for the renovations, so I have to use another. This one is already all prettified. It also has brand new auto flush toilets and these things are wild. As a water-saving measure, they are extremely worthless. Let me explain. :-)

Walk into the stall, try to put toilet seat cover on seat. Toilet flushes.

Turn around so I can sit. Toilet flushes.

Stand up again. Toilet flushes. (This is the only time it should flush.)

Reach for door lock. Toilet flushes.

Walk out of stall, door swings. Toilet flushes.

Yes, five flushes when there should have only been one. I'm calling this a massive water-saving Fail.

Then there are the motion sensor sink faucets... But I won't go into that. ;-)