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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Install Fail

When I moved into my house last year, my parents were there to help me get things put away and things hooked up. Like cable television and WIFI. So my dad was there when Comcast came to set everything up.

It was months and months later that I tried to play a DVD in my family room and it wouldn't work. I figured it was the DVD, that maybe I'd accidentally bought Blue Ray or something and the DVD had come with a free stream, so I just streamed the movie rather than watching the disk. Frustrating, but not a big deal.

The next time I tried to watch a DVD in the family room was around Christmas while my parents were visiting. That one wouldn't play either and this time I couldn't blame the disk because it was one I'd watched before. After ditzing around with it for a while, I asked my dad, "Did the cable guy hook up the DVD player when he installed everything?" My dad assured me that he had.

Okay, I thought, it must be the digital cable box not playing nice with my older DVD player. I didn't really think about it again. Until this past weekend.

I wanted to watch a DVD and so I brought it into my bedroom. There is no digital cable box there and that TV and DVD player have worked together many times in the past. Imagine my surprise when this disk wouldn't play either. Everything seemed to be working, but nothing brought it up on the screen.

I wasted a lot of time on this and finally questioned how the DVD player was hooked up. I couldn't really check that in the family room with that player because the big sideboard entertainment center is difficult to move, but I could see behind the TV in my bedroom. I bet you can guess what I discovered. The Comcast guy didn't hook up my DVD player. It's not that he did it wrong, it's that he didn't do it at all!

When I think of how we busted our butts to get the DVD players unpacked and in place before he came to do the install, it really chaps my hide. Why wouldn't he do it? Now I have to move the televisions away from the wall so that I can do the hookups myself.