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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Cookies

One of my huge pet peeves is websites that demand the user have cookies turned on for their site. No. I will not turn my cookies on for your site. This is especially annoying on retail sites that presumably would like me to buy something. But no, I'm not allowed to even browse their site because my cookies are turned off. If I want to order, I will turn my cookies on.

Even worse than retail sites who won't allow me to browse are the ones that insist I register for their stie before I can look around. What? How many people do you want to discourage from looking around? Do they not realize that causal lookers can become shoppers?

If I really want to see a site and it insists I register, I usually go to and get the anyone can use it login. Most of the time, though, I don't bother. I just write that site off my list and never visit it again.

These two items sound like huge fails to me. I understand why they do it. Analytics, mailing lists, etc, but is it really worth the customers that feel disenfranchised? And really, allowing people like me in isn't that big a deal because most people don't bother to turn off their cookies. Besides, if I turn on my cookies, I'll probably get ad-stalked on Facebook. (I'm looking at you Overstock and Wayfair.) Is there anything creepier than seeing a product you looked at in your FB feed?

I can't really say I'm more apt to buy from a site that doesn't lock me out because of cookies, but I can guarantee that I'm not turning cookies on to browse a site. So yeah, I'll be buying what I'm looking for elsewhere.