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Thursday, October 09, 2014

A Suitable Match

I thought I'd write a few posts about some of my favorite books and I'll start with one of the most unlikely titles on the list. :-)

I'm not a fan of historical fiction and that includes romances, although I did read them when there was nothing contemporary or paranormal that I wanted to read. That's what makes the fact that I loved this book so amazing.

Warning: Possible spoilers!

A Suitable Match by Joy Freemen (My books says Freemen, but there's a cover of the book online with Freeman on it, so it could be either spelling. I'm linking to Amazon as the author has no website that I could find.)

This is a regency romance. I know. No one is more shocked than I am that I adore this book. I actually checked it out of the library and then spent I don't know how long trying to track down a copy to buy because I had to have it to read again and again.

The hero is, of course, the handsome noble rake. The heroine is the surprise. she might be an innocent young miss, but she's a smart ass! A genteel smart ass, but still...

So anyone the heroine's grandmother is trying a little matchmaking and tells the hero a lie (sort of) to get him to attend a house party where he can meet the heroine. He's arrogant and definitely in need of being taken down a peg or two by the heroine's sarcasm.

The heroine believes that he's there to talk her out of watching over the estate for her cousin who will inherit it. She also discovers that the hero thinks that she's lax with propriety and so she tries to talk the way he expects. Not always successfully, but she's having a game of her own.

Of course, since it's a romance, they end up falling in love.

I loved the heroine's sarcasm. Now granted I don't read many historical romances, but in my recollection even the outside the box heroines (AKA not simpering young misses) aren't sarcastic. The heroine does it delightfully well, and when they first meet, the hero isn't sure at first that she is jabbing him. Loved this!

The characters drove the book for me and all their different goals and beliefs muddied the waters and kept me turning pages.

IMO, there was one negative. I don't count it as a full-blown negative because the author did set it up and it did fit the character, but I still would prefer other means to create tension. At one point in the book, there is the dreaded Misunderstanding.

It does fit the hero's character. He's got reason to be distrustful and to assume the worst, but I'd still prefer he ask the heroine instead of steamrolling to conclusions in hurt and anger. He is a character of strong emotion, so that fit too, it's just Misunderstanding. It doesn't last forever, but it was the only spot of tarnish on a shiny, wonderful book.

I rate books I read on a scale of 10/10. This is one of the few books that earned this rating. With the caveat that I probably haven't read this book in ten years, I give it a Highly Recommended.