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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Blogging Ideas

Coming up with blog topics is hard, but someone posted a link on Twitter to blog topics for authors. Cool, I thought, and went over to check it out. I was so disappointed when I discovered that most of the ideas either are ones I've done before or won't work for me.

Character names. I do talk about this, probably too much, but it is something that I find endlessly fascinating. I might want to talk about it again, but I'll probably wait since I know I did it recently.

Character illness and I why I chose to give him/her that particular disease. At first I thought hey, I could talk about Kel and his PTSD, but then the second part of the suggestion stopped me. Why I'd chosen to give him PTSD. Um, I didn't chose. Kel came to me with PTSD and it wasn't as if I could ignore it, not when it colored his entire life. Choose? Yeah, right.

Deleted scenes. Hmm. Well, maybe I could talk about those, but I don't have that many straight deleted scenes. Most of the time, the scene does make the book, just rewritten to actually make it interesting. Besides, I put those scenes out of my head and move on. I'd have to reread my cast off folders for each book.

Talk about what time of day you write and why. How interesting is I write in the evenings because I'm not at my day job? Seriously. 

Talk about your poems or other writing. I don't write poems. I hardly have time to write stories let alone extra, non-focused writing.

Guess I'm going to have to keep coming up with my own topics.