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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Adventures With Bugs

I put the garbage out tonight--tomorrow is pick up day--and while I try to be quick in and out the door, it's not always easy when I'm toting a garbage bag and stuff for the recycle bin. Tonight, I wasn't quite fast enough.

After putting out the trash, I sat down to figure out what to blog about. As I'm thinking, I catch something from the corner of my eye to the right of the television and near the back of the entertainment unit. I glance over, but see nothing. It's a little shadowy in that corner because the recessed light that would illuminate that area burnt out and I haven't replaced it yet. Probably my imagination, I decided.

But maybe I should check it out anyway. But on the other hand, it probably was my imagination. This wouldn't be the first time I thought I'd seen a bug when there wasn't one.

Maybe ten more minutes go by. I hear something. This definitely sounds like a bug now. I get up and go for the bug spray. But maybe this low-test spray I have won't kill the thing. That quick glimpse I had suggested it was something big. I spot the broom for sweeping the patio and grab it.

I'm now armed.

I walk to the family room where I'd heard something. Before I can see anything, it flies right at me!

I jump back and try to use the broom to drive it away from my legs. It finally gets down on the carpet. I feel a split second of relief that it's not a giant roach like one of the guys at work had in his house, and then I whack it with the broom.

I whack it so hard, I bent the metal handle of my broom. It's still moving.

Again and again I hit it, but it won't die. I step on it. Nope, not dead yet. I step on it another time. And once more. Finally, I use the broom to sweep if onto the fireplace tile and step on it there.

It's still moving! What is this? The Terminator of the bug world?

The second time I stepped on him with the hard surface, he made a crunching sound. Dead, dead at last. Let this be a warning to you bugs of all sizes and ilks (I include spiders), if you enter my territory, you'll pay with your life. My word on it.