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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Skypirate

I thought I'd talk about another one of my favorite books since it was re-released yesterday. This one is Science Fiction Romance, my favorite genre, and it's my favorite SFR title.

Warning: There might be spoilers ahead!

I'll really try not to spoil the book since it was just re-released after years of being out of print, but if you're someone who hates spoilers, please click away just in case. I'd hate anyone to miss this awesome book!

The Skypirate by Justine Davis

This book is the second book in her Coalition series, and while I think it will stand alone, it also wouldn't hurt to read the first book, Lord of the Storm. It will definitely make you appreciate just how far the heroine of Skypirate has to travel to get her happy ending.

Dax, the hero, breaks into a prison to rescue his ward and ends up bringing the heroine along, too. Califa wears the collar of a slave and has all kinds of secrets. Including the fact that she was once an officer in the coalition. Since this is who nearly wiped out the people of his planet, he's not going to like it when he finds out just what Califa used to be.

I think I'm going to end the summary here just in case I inadvertently spoil someone's enjoyment of the story.

Of all the futuristic/SFR stories I've read, this one is still my favorite. It's intense, with a hero and heroine who are both carrying around enough baggage to fill the cargo bins on an A380 and still have carry-on luggage. :-) The story is intense, and if you love tortured characters, you'll enjoy this story.

I really liked Lord of the Storm, too, but after reading it, I couldn't figure out how Califa could possibly be a heroine in the next book. I should have known Justine Davis would pull it off beautifully. (She's been a must-buy author for me for years!) It wasn't an easy journey from distrustful to HEA, but it was sure worth it.

I rate my books on a scale of 10 and I almost never give any story the top rating. The Skypirate gets 10/10. Very highly recommended!