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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Craft Overload

One of things that amazes me on Pinterest is some of the craft pins other women put up. Part of my amazement is that anyone wants to do some of these things and part of it is that people are talented enough to do these things.

In the why would anyone want to do this? category is the pallet decor items. Why would anyone want to take a wooden shipping pallet and make something for their home? Someone actually has an entire board dedicated to this (and I'm sure there are other people, too, but I don't follow them). Breaking the pallet apart, painting words on it, and hanging it on the wall. Doing some other thing with the pallet to create a platform for a mattress.

Just no. None of the pins have shown an attractive result, so I don't know why anyone wants something that dirty and ugly in their home.

In the wow, people really do this category comes the tutorials I'm seeing pinned on how to make your own beads from some kind of clay thing. I guess it isn't enough to make your own jewelry, now we're supposed to make our own beads to use in the jewelry.

I'll confess that I'm not a particularly crafty person. I don't have the patience for it or the desire to do any craft until I get good enough at it that I actually would use what I made. If it's not perfect the first time, it gets jettisoned quickly. I come by my lack of craft skill honestly--my mom had no interest in them either, although she is better than I am at basics like sewing.

I'm not completely without an interest, though. I would like to make my own bracelets--but I'll buy beads, thank you. And I do enjoy scrapbooking when I get around to doing it, although my pages certainly don't end up looking as awesome as what I see posted online.

Maybe if I was better at crafts, I wouldn't be so amazed at what some people pin as potential projects. Maybe they pin and think they'll get around to it some day--kind of like me and all the organizational pictures I've pinned with the intention to read the articles later. Yeah, okay, so I'm hoping that pinning the picture will help me become organized via osmosis. ;-)