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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Song of the South

Saturday my dad and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. He and my mom wanted a pumpkin pie (I don't like it) and Publix had one from their bakery on sale, so they decided that was the pie. My dad had to go make a return, so I began the shopping.

Right at the front of the store was a selection of sale pies. I looked at them, saw the ones that looked like pumpkin, and took the best looking one.

Later, while we were in the freezer section, my dad bought a second pumpkin pie.

After an hour of torture (I hate grocery shopping), we checked out and put everything in the car. My dad starts studying the receipt. Suddenly he asks, "Did we buy a sweet potato pie?"

I'm like, "No, I grabbed a pumpkin." And then I started thinking about it. What does a sweet potato pie even look like? I realized I had no clue. "Maybe," I said after a few moments, "I messed up and grabbed the wrong pie. We'll have to check."

Sure enough as we unload the bags, I see sweet potato pie.

As I looked at the pie, I realized what had happened. We don't eat sweet potato pie in Minnesota. Maybe some people do, but it's not in large enough numbers for grocery stores to sell them. So in Publix (in Georgia), I looked down, saw a pie that looked like pumpkin and just put it in the cart. It never occurred to me that it could be anything except pumpkin.

My parents decided they'd try it. The verdict? It tastes like pumpkin pie. :-)