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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shut Down Argh!

I mentioned recently that I tried to clean my laptop, but was unable to do so because I stripped a screw and couldn't get the case off. I paid for that.

Usually, I write on my MacBook rather than my Windows laptop, but I was feeling lazy and started working on an overview for a series idea I have. I was making some good progress when my laptop shut itself down. It's a measure to protect the computer and keep it from overheating bad enough to cause damage, but I hadn't saved in a while. I ended up losing about 1/3 of a page, which isn't much, but it's hard to grab those words back.

This isn't what my laptop normally does in an overheat situation either. Normally, it goes into hibernation. I give it some time to cool off, wake it up, do a save, and then shut down. Not this time. this time it just said, I'm done and shut off. Gah!

I used to be really good about hitting control-S all the time because I used to have a dog that would walk under my computer desk  and brush the plug just enough to make make the computer flicker. It wasn't enough to cause the system to reboot or turn off, but it did jettison anything that was unsaved. Control-S became a constant friend. Clearly, I've gotten lax about that in the time since she died.

Because it was overview stuff, it's not the end of the world that it got lost. If this were story, I'd be much more upset, but still I'll never find the exact way I said it the first time.