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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Writing Prompts

I don't usually go seeking out writing prompts. I'm a slow enough writer already that I don't like to waste time on things that won't give me a story. Sometimes, though, people I follow on Pinterest post some prompts that are intriguing.

This week someone posted a prompt that went something like: Everyone has the date of their death visible on their arm. Your date was yesterday.

There was another I saw months ago that was similar: Everyone had the date they'd meet their soul mate visible on their arm.

Both things make me go hmmm. There are possibilities here and so many different ways a character could react to either thing. And there are questions that arise that make things more intriguing. What kind of society would exist if everyone knew when they'd die? What happens to that society when there's a glitch in that dating system? Does is shake the faith of the people?

I remember seeing a few minutes of Logan's Run on television when I was a kid and I wondered if they had their termination dates imprinted on them somewhere? I can't recall and TBH, what little of the movie I saw didn't impress me much.

These are some really cool writing prompts and make me think I should maybe reconsider looking for them online, but when I do, I inevitably end up finding the boring ones that don't interest me at all like: write about an easy decision you made. Really? I'd rather think about the first two prompts. Those could actually lead to a story either directly or indirectly. Most prompts, unfortunately, are more like the last one.