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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Frozen Revisited

The first time I blogged about Frozen I said I liked the movie, but I didn't think I'd watch it again. I'm beginning to think I might have been too hasty about that. To my surprise, I've discovered myself thinking about the movie at odd moments.

Part of my absorption has to do with the song Let It Go. I know that parents with small children are probably tired of the music by now, but this song has so much depth to it. From what I've read online, this is the song that made Disney change the entire story to make it so Elsa was not the villain and I totally understand why. This son gives her character so much depth, it's incredible.

It's not just Elsa embracing who she really is, although that's certainly a powerful driver. I also find myself thinking of the line about the cold not bothering her. There's a bravado there. She's isolated--partly done by her parents who fear what she might do, but continued on after they're gone by Elsa herself. I view the cold as her isolation and her saying it never bothered her? Of course it did. So while I find the song one of a woman embracing who she is, I also think that she has more distance to go. She needs to admit what her isolation did to her and that it hurt something deep inside her.

I confess that I voluntarily listen to Let It Go on loop at work. I know, parents everywhere are cringing, but there's just so much depth to this song, so many nuances, that I keep going back for more.

There's also parts of the movie that I find myself remembering and thinking about. Maybe over-thinking things that weren't intended, but this movie does seem to have more going on than what's on the surface and that intrigues me. So yeah, I'm thinking about buying my own copy of Frozen.