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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frissons Nocturnes

Last Saturday was one of those days with a million things to do. I had to run to JC Penney to exchange a broken curtain rod. The decorative knobs on the end were glass and one of them didn't survive shipping. I also had an appointment for a haircut and a bunch of stuff to try to get done in between. By the time I got home last in the day, I had a headache and was kind of crabby.

Then I saw a box.

I hadn't ordered anything, so I wondered what it was. Curiosity had me barely taking my jacket off before I was opening the package. This is what I found inside.

Yes, a French language edition of one of my Harlequin stories, but I didn't know which one. I don't read French, but my heroine's name was unmistakable. The novella included in this anthology collection was Phoenix Burning. This is so cool and the cover is awesome!

If you're able to read French, the story is available in France and in Canada as far as I can tell, but possibly available in any country with a lot of French speakers.