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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catalog Inundation

What is it with all the catalogs I get in the mail? I've tried my best to get off these lists. I registered with the Direct Marketing Association (or something like that) to get my name off the junk mail lists and the catalog list. It helped. A lot. I don't get random catalogs very often now. The problem is the companies I shop with online.

I hate shopping with a passion. It's a hassle and I don't have the patience for it, so I order everything online that I can. Heck, if they offered online grocery shopping where I live, I'd be all over that, too, but--alas--they don't.

So I buy online and apparently that's inspired some of these companies to send me their catalogs. I never look at the things. I tear my name off and dump them in recycling. Basically, all these companies are doing is killing trees, wasting money, and annoying me. I've tried to get off the lists. A few of them offer the opportunity to unsubscribe from mailings under the My Account feature. Too bad it doesn't work. I still get their catalogs and I think I've tried unsubscribing about six times now.

How hard is it to have the default be no catalog? Seriously, if I some day want to look at your products on paper (I won't), I'll let you know. Until then, stop mailing them to me.