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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"It's Just Paper"

More adventures in helping my parents downsize. Or trying to help them.

With my mom not open to any logic or reason on what she should get rid of and what was worth keeping, I decided to get my dad moving. While we were both trying to convince my mom that she couldn't move everything to Georgia, she'd pointed out that my dad's basement office was packed to the gills.

She was right about that and every time she mentioned it, my dad's response was, "That's just paper."

When I suggested to him that we work on this room, he gave me that same response. My reply was that it might just be paper, but it still needed to go and we might as well tackle it now. We made it one hour before he said, "Let's go upstairs and check on Mom."

Sigh. I'm like, "But if we go upstairs now, we'll be done or the day." The argument fell on deaf ears. We went upstairs.

The second day, we made it an hour and fifteen minutes before Dad decided it was time to start dinner. To his credit, he did go back downstairs after he ate and brought up one more box to sort through, but we should have spent more time working and less time messing around. The office isn't that big and two days should have been enough to finish it. That would be two full days as in eight hours each day, not one hour or so each day.

I can't even believe this. You don't want to know how many headache remedies I used while visiting my parents.