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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Last Friday, the Syfy Channel debuted a new series, Killjoys. It takes place in an area of space they call the Quad and the main characters are bounty hunters.

In episode one, our pair of bounty hunters becomes a trio when John risks everything to save his brother D'avin from a kill warrant.

Okay, well, we all know I have a huge problem with apostrophes in names in Science Fiction. Gah! Why couldn't they just call him Davin? Why subject me to an apostrophe? I swear that putting an apostrophe in SF character names is like the biggest cliche ever. And I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't checked out :-) I couldn't remember all the characters' names so I had to look them up.

But to get back to the show as a whole, I'm rather ambivalent about it. On the one hand, it held my interest enough to make it through to the end and that doesn't happen that often because I pick shows and movies apart and I have little patience for idiocy. On the other hand, I wasn't blown away or thinking OMG, I love this show either.

I guess basically I thought it was okay enough to give it another try because first episodes are difficult. The writers have to introduce the characters, setup the show's premise, get enough world building out there so the viewer understands the basics of the world, and oh, yeah, they need to squeeze a story in there, too. It's seriously not an easy job.

Things I liked about the show:
  • The heroine was kick-butt and had an intriguing past. Intriguing enough that I'd like to know more about what's what with her.
  • There's some nice potential for romance there, although it will probably be dragged out forever and be a triangle since there we have two men, John and Davin (sorry, I refuse to use the apostrophe again).
  • The world intrigued me. There's a lot going on that was only brushed over quickly, but apparently we have a rebellion brewing. Since the world seems fairly grim and the controlling forces are definitely dictatorship-like, this will probably heat up and drive some of the episodes.
  • Lots of action. I love action!
Despite this, though, I was left feeling kind of meh about the show. I'll give it at least one more episode and reassess afterward.

My rating 3 stars. Not blow-me-away awesome, but if you have an hour to kill, not a horrible way to spend it.