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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Take My Money

This happens to me all the time and it frustrates me beyond belief. I'll stumble across an item I want to buy, but can't find who is selling it or even who the manufacturer is. Take today for instance. I was thinking about doors and did a Google image search to see what was out there for interior doors. I saw a fantastically modern/contemporary (my favorite style) door that I'd really like to own, but although the link Google had was to a design article, the article itself provided no links and almost no information about the door.

I did a reverse image search, hoping that I could track it down this way. No such luck. I did find it on Pinterest and clicked through. Almost all of them were pinned from an article on Apartment Therapy. Links! I thought, excited. Apartment Therapy has links.

The joke was on me. The one for the door I liked connected through to another article about doors. There was nothing that linked through to the door manufacturer or anywhere that was selling the door.

After about an hour, I think I discovered the manufacturer's name. Tenko. Do you think I can find a website for them? No. Searching the name did lead me to a Russian site selling Tenko doors, but a Russian site doesn't help me much since I'm in the US. In fact, almost every site that showed up in this search was Russian with a few Japanese sites thrown in for good measure. The translation feature was getting a workout, but still no closer to a US store with the door.

I feel like that meme where the cartoon guy is waving a hand stuffed with bills and saying, "Take my money." Only I can't find anyone to give it to. :-/

I'm guessing the door is probably out of my price range anyway because it looks expensive and maybe I wouldn't end up buying it anyway, but it's frustrating to me to not even have the option of buying it. Why didn't Apartment Therapy or one of the other decorating articles featuring this door link to some way to buy the door?

It isn't just this one time, either. It happens to me again and again. I see something I love, I want to check out the price, only to discover that I can't find anywhere with information about whatever it was I liked. Please design websites, stop doing this!