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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cyber World To Real World

With the organization of my computer files a success, I decided to expand from the cyber world to real life. My office has been in disarray since I moved 2 years ago and my spare room is getting kind of cluttered now too because every time I go home to Minnesota, my parents give me more stuff to take back to Atlanta. But I wasn't ready to tackle the house without some guidance and I found it in an audio book I'd bought a while ago.

I started listening to it while I was at work and after one chapter, I knew I actually had a winner. Too often these declutter, organization books are completely out in space for how I live and I know it won't work, but this one seemed different.

The first piece of advice was have a spot where you always put your car keys. Not loose, but in a container or on a rack or something. I already do this! I have a little paper box that I made from scrapbook stock that I have out for my keys.

The second suggestion was to always have your purse/bag in the same spot and ready to go to work the next day. This suggestion included keeping the cell phone in the same location and charging. I do this too!

Before you think that I loved this book because I already do everything in it...well, if you saw my office, you'd know that wasn't true. The very next part of the chapter was on mail and this is one of my biggest problems. I get pretty much all my bills electronically, so snail mail is usually junk, and because I hate dealing with it, I usually just toss it in a box in my office and let it sit until I can't stand the sight of it anymore. I've developed a high tolerance, which isn't a good thing.

I actually went ahead and ordered the book in paperback because just hearing something doesn't seem to anchor it in my brain. Once I have it to read, I plan to tackle the mail in my office and then on to chapter 2!