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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Great Email Mystery

The other day, I received an email. That in itself isn't weird. I receive lots of email every day, but this email was stranger than some of the spam I've gotten. This email was to tell me about town hall meetings with a Utah congressman. In Utah.

Um, I don't live in Utah. I've never lived in Utah. The only time I was ever in Utah was when I changed planes in Salt Lake City. I don't think this qualifies me to receive email notices.

You're thinking, I bet it was a phishing email. Nope. I checked into it and it was a legitimate email from a real US congressman in Washington DC sent through the man's official congressional email address.

I'm seriously at a loss here. I could understand if it were a Minnesota senator or congressman because I lived there most of my life. It would make sense if it were from a Georgia legislator since that's where I moved when I left Minnesota. How did I even get on an email list for a congressman from Utah? The mind boggles.

I usually don't unsubscribe from spammy emails, but like I said, I checked this one out and it was legitimate so I hit the unsubscribe button hoping it would be one of those that includes a window for comments. I was going to ask how I got on the list. Not that I ever would have received an answer, but still, I needed to ask this question even if it shot into the ether. Unfortunately the form had no opportunity for comment. It was merely a check box to unsubscribe followed by a thank you message.

This will remain one of life's great email mysteries.